British Petroleum to end 2018 with 500 gas stations in Mexico

Mexico, Mar. 9 (Notimex).- One year after its arrival in Mexico, the British Petroleum (BP) company reported that it plans to finish with 500 service stations by the end of 2018, advancing in its plan to reach 1,500 gas stations in the country by 2021.

BP Mexico's General Manager of Fuel, Álvaro Granada, commented that for now it has 300 contracts for new service stations, in addition to the 160 already existing in 12 states of the country.

"There are 300 stations that are committed, as of today we have 160 operating, the 300 stations will be operating throughout this first semester, between the second and third quarter we will be there." By the end of the year our plan is to have 500 service stations, "he said.

The executive recalled that the plan of the oil company globally is to open three thousand service stations around, of which half will be located in Mexico, reflecting the country's potential and confidence despite the change in administration.

For BP, "whatever the outcome of the elections will continue to comply scrupulously with the legislation and all relevant regulations," he said.

At a press conference, he said BP's gas stations serve more than 300,000 customers a day, with an average sale higher than the gas station's challenge in the country.

After the simultaneous inauguration of three service stations in Jalisco, Baja California and the State of Mexico, he highlighted that the problems of insecurity that are registered in certain regions have not modified their expansion plans.

"Our commitment to this market is a firm bet, it is a definite bet, we understand that there are problems ... but at all times we have had the support of the relevant authorities," he said.

On the increase in the price of gasoline in recent months, said that these changes are beyond the control of oil companies or governments, correspond to changes in oil prices and exchange rate, so they will be the factors that will move prices forward.

In relation to the investigation initiated by the Federal Commission of Competencia (Cofece, for its acronym in Spanish) for possible illicit behavior in the sale of gasoline in the country, said that the authority "has not notified us of any action" and if it did "we would be delighted to participate in that process "as established by law.



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