Mexican market already has 40 brands of fuel

Mexico, Feb. 23 (Notimex).- The president of Onexpo Nacional, Roberto Díaz de León, stressed that there are already 40 brands of fuels in the Mexican market and several international companies have plans this year to venture into the country. 

When making an assessment of the sector of distribution and sale of fuels, said that challenges and challenges include the consolidation of guarantees of supply of domestic and imported petroleum, and the formation of marketing companies that integrate storage, supply, transportation of gasoline and diesel to the service stations. 

According to a statement, Díaz de León said that although projects to open the Mexican fuel market and private investments in infrastructure are progressing in the first quarter of 2018, the sector is concerned about the increase in regulatory costs and the increase in annual maintenance fees for the franchise by Pemex. 

For the manager of the organization of gasoline businessmen, the intent of introducing a maintenance fee of the Pemex franchise equivalent to 104 percent with respect to the quota paid in 2017, could accelerate the process of migration from gas stations to other brands with a different value offer. 

The financial structure of the stations does not allow them to face an increase in franchise fees in the magnitude indicated, said the president of Onexpo, who added that his position is still to continue in the market with a strong and competitive fuel supplier company, as is Pemex, from which thousands of stations can continue to be faithful distributors of the brand. 

The manager announced that from May 16 to 18, the gas industry will hold its 2018 Annual Convention, with an international meeting attended by important specialists in the sector.


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