Complet to increase certifications in electrical protection in Mexico

Mexico, Jan. 2 (Notimex).- UPS equipment that provides electricity backup when electricity fails has become an ally and insurance protection for all types of devices, machinery and data centers of companies, but its installation is not always done correctly.

In light of this, the Mexican company Complet will initiate in January a certification campaign in the field of electrical protection and use of industrial type UPS for distributors in Mexico.

Horacio Aguirre, Commercial Director of the company, said that today, the use of electrical protection has become a necessity and not a luxury, for all types of companies.

He explained in a statement that the UPS are designed to act automatically and immediately when there is a power outage, and the equipment to be protected does not stop working, from a server to a tomography.

For example, he said, for the automotive industry to stop production due to a power outage can mean millions in losses, so the UPS allows to continue working on the machines while the auxiliary plant is turned on, so they are allies of the production.

However, the proper installation of a UPS requires certain knowledge, so that Complet will initiate an aggressive program of instruction and certification of its distributors throughout the country, he said.

The culture of electric protection already exists in Mexico, but several areas have to be reinforced in companies and in distribution channels, the executive said.


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