18 private fuel companies import to Mexico

Mexico, Dec. 1 (Notimex).- The Minister of Energy, Pedro Joaquín Coldwell, assured that between January and October of 2017, 18 private companies imported gasoline at least once, while 46 private companies and one individual, have brought diesel.

According to the federal official, most of these fuel imports have been for self-consumption of pulp, mining, cement and automotive companies, while four others purchase gasoline for marketing purposes.

In a statement, the agency said that during its participation in the installation of the Business Council ONEXPO, "Meeting Point of the Gasoline Sector", Coldwell said that of the 11,774 existing service stations, a total of two thousand 178 have a new brand.

He also mentioned that in less than a year there are 30 new brands distributed in different localities of the country and it is estimated to reach investments for new infrastructure in the areas of storage and transportation by pipeline and rail, for an amount close to four billion dollars.

Pedro Joaquín Coldwell explained that with an industry investment of close to two billion dollars for the development of almost 40 projects of storage terminals will mean an expansion of 122 percent with respect to the current capacity.

This, in order to strengthen national energy security, for the year 2025, where it is expected to have a minimum of between 10 and 13 days of sale, depending on the region, he said.


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