Mexico Enlight doubles number of users of solar energy

Mexico, Nov. 27 (Notimex) .- The energy reform has allowed the "democratization" of electric power generation in Mexico, and the type of solar has registered the highest acceptance, said Juan Pablo Robert, Enlight spokesman, a company that doubled its number of residential customers.

He explained that in the last year, the intelligent solar energy systems provided by this Mexican company, doubled with more than a thousand new contracts, which is also a reflection of the greater interest that exists on the part of residential users for this technology.

In his opinion, the generation of electricity via photovoltaic panels is in vogue in Mexico, because it is no longer a luxury but a necessity, especially for those who pay more than two thousand 500 pesos of electricity bill and now, thanks energy reform can empower themselves from their own power generation.

Robert said in a statement that the solar cells provided by Enlight - located among the five leading photovoltaic energy companies in Mexico - have improved their technology and are made with silicon.

When a cell is illuminated with solar radiation, he explained that the so-called photovoltaic effect occurs, the lighting causes the charge carriers of the semiconductor to move and circulate through the external circuit to which it connects, generating a current.

Robert said in a statement that from the first month of installation savings of up to 95 percent are generated in the payment that was made with the traditional system and thanks to financing plans this technology is increasingly accessible to all types of budget.

"In Enlight, solar systems are designed based on the electrical consumption of each house, so that a saving in the electric bill is guaranteed from the first month", he said.


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