Mexicana Complet expects investments for eight million pesos next year

Mexico, Nov. 21 (Notimex).- Mexican company Complet plans to invest eight million pesos in 2018 to consolidate the manufacture of national UPS equipment that provides industrial electrical protection and thereby support the economy of thousands of companies that require these devices.

From a bank to gas stations, Metro stations and Mexibus, or airports, among others, they require that the service they offer does not stop or be affected if there is a power outage in said facilities, said Horacio Aguirre, commercial manager of Complet.

He said that in the event of a failure in the supply of electricity, which increases in rainy weather or during an earthquake, a UPS equipment allows for 15 minutes or more of operations to be backed up, and if it has an emergency plant, it can be switched on immediately and not interrupt the service.

UPSs manufactured in Mexico are 10 to 20 percent cheaper than those of foreign origin, the advantage are that they also include personalized advice for their installation and better use and protection, the executive said in a statement.

Aguirre said that Complet, the only Mexican manufacturer of this equipment, has been manufacturing industrial-type UPS for three years at its plant in Mexico City, and its equipment has exceeded performance and reliability in China.

Investments for 2018 for research and development will be around eight million pesos, an amount that is also intended to consolidate its offer and greater penetration of this equipment, he said.

Aguirre warned that despite the need in Mexico of this equipment, there are very few specialists who can offer an accurate recommendation to companies on which is best for them and how to install it properly.

"We, as a brand, give support to the final user and after-sales service we channel it with those who have this knowledge for proper electrical protection and operation, something that does not offer foreign brands", he said.


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