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Siemens:Mexico advances in energetic sector decarbonization

Mexico, November 15 (Notimex).- Energy generation worldwide produces around 30 percent of greenhouse gas emissions, but several countries, Mexico among them, are advancing in the “decarbonization”, noted the multinational Siemens.

During the International Forum of Talent and Energy, held in Saltillo, Coahuila, José Miguel Macho, vicepresident of Gas and Energy of Siemens Mexico, highlighted that the country is experimenting changes in the way on which they generate energy.

He said that a growing number of countries such as Mexico- where an energy reform was approved- are taking action to make their energy systems more sustainable, because in following years, the world demand of electricity will continue to skyrocket.

He exposed that the economic “decarbonization” requires an integrated energy system that is economically optimal, safe for supplying and sustainable.

In the first place, Macho said, the system needs a spine of stable generation that will be provided by fossil fuels during upcoming decades.

Here, gas centrals would replace carbon plants, because gas plants produce a lot less CO2 and can also function with much more flexibility, he exposed.

Electric gas centrals are more used to compensate the variable renovations of input to keep system stability, explained the Siemens directive.

A second point is that development of renewable energies will accelerate even more, in part because technologies have become more competitive in recent years and will be even cheaper in the future through new innovations and industrialization, he highlighted.

He pointed out that experts said that until 2040, almost three quarters of all investments in the energetic sector will be in renewable energies, a trend that will be helped in part by technology costs that will go down up to 60 per cent.

A third aspect for “decarbonization” is that the management of transmission and energy distribution will be an even more decisive factor, as the electric grid will become the essential element that manages both generation and consumption.


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