Siemens expects to grow about 30 percent this year in Mexico

Mexico, Jan. 3 (Notimex).- The German multinational Siemens registered 28 percent growth in Mexico in 2016 and expects to reach at least 30 percent this year, consolidating itself as one of the most successful companies in the energy market, said Louise Goeser, CEO of Siemens in Mexico and Central America .

She added that Siemens will maintain a continuous growth of 30 percent levels in the Mexican energy market during this 2017, taking into account that the multinational grew 28 percent in 2016.

For more than 120 years of presence in Mexico, she said, Siemens has been characterized as an ally in the energy and technological modernization of the country and with the implementation of the Energy Reform, has made way for new investments that will make Mexico a more competitive country, he said.

In a statement, she reiterated that the reform is allowing the opening of the sector to private investment and the use of new technologies for the exploitation of unconventional sources.

And, according to estimates by the International Energy Agency (IEA) during 2017, investments of around one billion dollars are expected in the electric sector, oil exploration and production and energy efficiency projects in Mexico.

Mexico produces about 20 percent of its electricity from sources considered clean, including hydroelectric power, and aims to increase that percentage to 35 percent by 2024, with Siemens committed to that goal, Goeser said.

Among the main bets of the company during 2017 are the participation in the first HVDC energy highway and continue to drive the digitization as spearhead for industrial modernization and especially manufacturing in the country, she said.

Siemens is working on the development of the first HVDC energy highway project, which will go from Oaxaca to Mexico City, it will supply more than 16 million homes and detonate industrialization and economic growth by 20 percent in areas where it will transit, she reported.

In the same way, another of the company's strong bets is the drive for digitalization in Mexican industry with the objective of increasing its competitiveness in key manufacturing sectors of the Mexican economy, such as automotive, aerospace, pharmaceuticals, food and beverages.


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